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Who are we ?

Révolution de Palais, an affair of a family in love with good taste and French-style elegance.

The creators work in couple.
She has the taste for beautiful things and the sense of harmony.
He worked in the gourmet world of chocolate and candy.
United in life as well as at work, they associated their skills and common passions.

Révolution de Palais creates genuine « little gems » for the prestigious cultural and touristic sites, always with an intention to offer a quality at the image of its clients par excellence and the french genius.

Having for leitmotiv to push always further the technical and creative boundaries for a more seductive aspect.
We personalize these receptacles so that they become beautiful collector objects.

to all of our customers for their trust, including:

Louvre, Assemblée Nationale, Atelier des lumières, Fondation Louis Vuiton, Moulin Rouge Paris, ZooParc de Beauval, Chambord, Chenonceau,…